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Democrats Agree To Reopen Government Without Protections For Dreamers

Apple Laptop News - Mon, 01/22/2018 - 17:36

WASHINGTON ― The Senate reached a deal Monday to fund the government and potentially provide a path forward for a larger immigration agreement.

Turpin family latest: Dead dogs and cats found inside couple's abandoned home, reveals former neighbour

Apple Laptop News - Mon, 01/22/2018 - 17:36

The parents accused of shackling and torturing their 13 children, left their former home "waist-deep in filth" and strewn with the bodies of dead dogs and cats, a former neighbour has revealed. David and Louise Turpin were arrested at their home in Perris, California when their 17-year-old daughter escaped from a window and called the police. Investigators found a number of the children shackled to beds with chains and padlocks.

White House doctor enthusiastic about Trump

Apple Laptop News - Mon, 01/22/2018 - 17:34

Rachel Maddow reports on answers given by White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson about Donald Trump's physical health.

AT&T Launches $35 Smart Wi-Fi Extender to Boost Coverage by Up To 1,000 Square Feet

Latest MacBook News - Mon, 01/22/2018 - 17:32
AT&T has launched the "AT&T Smart Wi-Fi Extender," a device built to enable a stronger and more consistent Wi-Fi signal throughout your home. AT&T's product is one box that keeps devices connected to the internet as you move from one room to another, and customers can purchase additional boxes for bigger homes.

The Smart Wi-Fi Extender is designed for customers with an AT&T internet subscription who have Wi-Fi gateways 5268AC or BGW210, boosting coverage by up to 1,000 square feet and reducing network congestion. The company said that it automatically selects the "best and fastest available connection" for every device that you connect to the internet within your home.

The company priced the Smart Wi-Fi Extender at $34.99, and said it offers the same Wi-Fi boosting abilities of competitive mesh systems "that cost hundreds of dollars." It appears that the Wi-Fi Extender was available for some AT&T customers to purchase ahead of the wider launch this week.
That’s why we are introducing the new AT&T Smart Wi-Fi Extender – a state-of-the-art device that gives you the strongest Wi-Fi signal throughout your entire home. Its mesh technology keeps your devices connected as you move around, so you experience a seamless connection everywhere. Now you can stream, download, surf, and work on your devices anywhere, worry free. No dropped connection as you step into the backyard. No more interruptions or watching the football freeze in mid-air. The 4-inch box is a 1600Mbps dual-band concurrent wireless access point and includes a port for 2 Gigabit Ethernet LAN and a power cable. AT&T also noted that it is compliant with 802.11ac and 802.11n standards, as well as being backwards compatible with 802.11a/b/g wireless standards.

The Smart Wi-Fi Extender will connect to an established AT&T Wi-Fi network, which can be managed via the Smart Home Manager iOS app. The company announced the app last summer and refers to it as a customer's "Wi-Fi concierge." With the app, users can change their network name and password, check who is connected to the network, invite guests to join with a text or email, and contact customer service in a chatroom.

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US shutdown to end as Senate Republicans and Democrats reach a deal

Apple Laptop News - Mon, 01/22/2018 - 17:30

America’s government is set to reopen on Monday afternoon after Democratic senators “blinked" first and agreed to end a three-day shutdown.  The country’s opposition party had been demanding an explicit pledge to protect young undocumented migrants but settled for a promise of new legislation instead.  The Senate voted 81 to 18 to fund the government until February 8, allowing hundreds of thousands of federal workers to get back to work on Tuesday.  However it is only a stop-gap measure, with Republicans and Democrats having 16 days to find an agreement on spending and immigration before another shutdown takes place. Chuck Schumer, the Democratic leader in the Senate, announced the party’s change of heart on the Congress floor moments before a vote on reopening the government.   Senate Minority Leader Charles 'Chuck' Schumer Credit: AFP “We will vote today to reopen the government,” Mr Schumer said, citing a promise that a bipartisan bill to protect “dreamer” migrants would the tabled in the coming weeks.  He added: “President Trump's unwillingness to compromise caused the Trump shutdown and brought us to this moment … The great deal-making president sat on the sidelines.” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer However the White House and senior Republicans suggested Mr Schumer had caved in, changing his stance on the shutdown despite being offered little in return. Mr Trump said: “I am pleased that Democrats in Congress have come to their senses and are now willing to fund our great military, border patrol, first responders, and insurance for vulnerable children. “As I have always said, once the Government is funded, my Administration will work toward solving the problem of very unfair illegal immigration. We will make a long-term deal on immigration if, and only if, it is good for our country.”   Raj Shah, the White House deputy press secretary, said: “The fact that they’re voting in favour of this proposal that they rejected a few days ago is evidence that they blinked.” The government shutdown, which comes when Congress fails to agree its spending, begun at midnight on Friday – the first time it has happened since 2013.  Then the Democrats voted against a measure that would have kept the government open for a month and extend a child health insurance programme by six years.  Senior figures had argued that Republicans needed to promise to protect the 700,000 “dreamer” migrants brought to the country illegally when young if they want their vote.  However on Monday, the Democratic leadership decided to support a similar measure. It would re-open government for less than three weeks while extending the same child health programme.   Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell  Credit: Drew Angerer Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader in the Senate, agreed to table immigration legislation on a bipartisan basis in the coming weeks – but made no promise about its contents.  One possible reason for the Democrat change of heart was that 10 of its senators face re-election later this year in states Mr Trump won, making opposition to the president politically difficult.  Staff members stand outside the Senate during the government shutdown on Capitol Hill  Credit: Andrew Harrer The work of a group of 25 moderate senators from both parties, who negotiated a deal between themselves, was also credited with solving the impasse.  All eyes will now be on Mr Trump to see if he will say where he stands on the so-called dreamer children after weeks of mixed signals.  The House of Representatives and Mr Trump were set to approve the re-opening of government after the Senate vote on Monday.  It means that Mr Trump’s visit to World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where he is set to make a major speech later this week, will go ahead as planned. 

Boy dies after undergoing surgery to remove 10-pound tumor from his face

Apple Laptop News - Mon, 01/22/2018 - 17:30

A Cuban boy who underwent surgery last week to remove a 10-pound tumor from his face died in a Miami hospital on Friday, one of his physicians has announced.

US approves land exchange for road through Alaska refuge

Apple Laptop News - Mon, 01/22/2018 - 17:30

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke signed a land trade agreement Monday that could lead to construction of a road through a national wildlife refuge in Alaska, portraying the exchange as a people-versus-wildlife issue.

The Government Shutdown Is Almost Over After a Key Vote in the Senate

Apple Laptop News - Mon, 01/22/2018 - 17:29

Lawmakers ended the shutdown on its third day

Puigdemont vows to form new Catalan government, escapes EU warrant

Apple Laptop News - Mon, 01/22/2018 - 17:27

Ousted Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont on Monday vowed to form a new government despite "threats" from the central government in Madrid, as a Spanish judge refused to re-issue a European warrant for his arrest. "We will not surrender to authoritarianism despite Madrid's threats," he said during a debate on Catalonia at the University of Copenhagen. "Soon we will form a new government... it's time to end their oppression and find a political solution for Catalonia," the 55-year-old politician added.

Vietnam oil exec 'kidnapped' from Germany jailed for life

Apple Laptop News - Mon, 01/22/2018 - 16:57

A Vietnamese former state oil executive who was allegedly kidnapped from Germany was jailed for life on Monday for embezzlement, in the highest-profile corruption trial to target the communist country's business and political elite. Vietnam has mirrored China in its massive corruption purge, but critics say the campaign is as much about targeting political foes as it is about tackling graft in one of Southeast Asia's most corrupt nations. The life sentence for Trinh Xuan Thanh, the former head of PetroVietnam Construction (PVC), capped a dramatic two-week trial -- closed to international media -- that included a tearful apology from the 51-year-old.

Venezuela condemns EU sanctions against seven officials

Apple Laptop News - Mon, 01/22/2018 - 16:53

President Nicolas Maduro's government condemned European Union sanctions against seven Venezuelan officials Monday, accusing the bloc of subservience to the "supremacist and racist" US government. "The European Union once again offers irrefutable proof of its remarkable subordination to the supremacist and racist government of Donald Trump," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

US government shutdown - as it happened: Senate Democrats reach deal to break deadlock and end US government shutdown

Apple Laptop News - Mon, 01/22/2018 - 16:49

A government shutdown drew to a close after three days as Democrats backed a stopgap agreement to continue unsettled negotiations over an immigration programme. After having blocked a short-term funding deal, rejecting it on the grounds that it did not address an expired program protecting young immigrants from deportation, Democrats lent the votes necessary to advance out of the Senate a measure that offered no concrete immigration concessions. It will financially sustain the federal government for another three weeks, a window during which Congress will try again to reach a broader immigration compromise.

Palestinian leader seeks EU recognition as row with US persists

Apple Laptop News - Mon, 01/22/2018 - 16:39

Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas on Monday urged the EU to "swiftly" grant official recognition to the state of Palestine as he sought support in Brussels amid a bitter row with Washington over the US plan to move its embassy to Jerusalem. Abbas told EU diplomatic chief Federica Mogherini that the Palestinians were still committed to the stalled Middle East peace process and urged the bloc to take a more "political" role.

New Live TV Streaming Numbers Place YouTube TV at Just Over 300K Subscribers and Hulu at 450K

Latest MacBook News - Mon, 01/22/2018 - 16:37
Hulu with Live TV and YouTube TV both launched in the spring of 2017, offering customers over-the-top live television streaming options in line with established services like Sling TV and DirecTV Now.

Today, sources revealed to CNBC that Hulu with Live TV now has 450,000 paid subscribers -- "not including recent promotional customers" -- while YouTube TV has just over 300,000 as of the beginning of 2018.

Although neither service has been on the market for one full year, the sources delivering the subscriber numbers said that each company is "making some progress" in convincing users to cut the cord. However, analyst Rich Greenfield commented that any company offering a live TV streaming service may have trouble substantially growing their subscriber base "because canceling is so easy" and basic on-demand versions of Hulu and YouTube could be enough for many users.
"If you don't care about live sports, the original Hulu product is awesome," Greenfield said. "You can get all of the programming you want for more than $30 less. And YouTube is free. It actually shows you how poor the value proportion is for live TV."

[...] cable and satellite TV are stickier businesses than web-based services because they're so difficult to cancel, Greenfield said. "You can cancel these live streaming services with four clicks of a button," Greenfield said. "Have you tried canceling your cable?" Hulu with Live TV and YouTube TV are both beaten out by Sling TV and DirecTV Now, which were previously reported to have reached 1 million and more than 2 million paid subscribers, respectively. Another contender is PlayStation Vue, reported at 455,000 subscribers in Q3 2017. The subscriber numbers reported by CNBC today have not been confirmed by Hulu or YouTube, so there is still no official word regarding how accurate the data might be.

In terms of price, Hulu with Live TV starts at $39.99/month and YouTube TV starts at $35/month. Hulu's service is also technically still in the beta phase, and on the FAQ section of its website Hulu states, "While we are truly proud of Hulu's live TV offering, we know that introducing any new service can come with "hiccups" from time to time, so we are first opening it up as a "Beta" to be transparent with our viewers."

The upcoming Apple TV app for YouTube TV
Since some of these over-the-top services are still new, many of them are in the process of adding a few user-requested features following their launches. At CES, Hulu announced Live TV will get a more traditional guide interface for browsing channels, and DirecTV Now customers are waiting for its cloud DVR to launch sometime in 2018. In the first quarter of 2018, YouTube TV also plans to debut an app for the Apple TV.

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Pope Francis Offers Partial Apology To Clergy Sex Abuse Victims After Demand For 'Proof'

Apple Laptop News - Mon, 01/22/2018 - 16:30

Pope Francis partially apologized for last week’s brusque attack on victims of clergy sex abuse ― but he continued supporting a controversial Chilean bishop accused of protecting a pedophile priest.

S. Koreans burn Kim's photo as N. Korean band leader passes

Apple Laptop News - Mon, 01/22/2018 - 16:30

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Conservative South Korean activists burned a large photo of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as the head of the North's extremely popular girl band passed them Monday during a visit to Seoul amid a flurry of cooperation agreements between the rivals ahead of next month's Winter Olympics in the South.

Arab-Israeli MPs kicked out of chamber for protesting Pence's speech

Apple Laptop News - Mon, 01/22/2018 - 16:13

Arab lawmakers in Israel's parliament have been tossed out from the house for heckling US Vice President Mike Pence at the start of his speech. The main Arab party in the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, warned ahead of time it would boycott Pence over Donald Trump's decision to name Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Members the Arab Joint List party held up signs reading “Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine”. The posters were immediately torn from there hands by parliamentary security guards and the MPs were forced out of the chamber.  The Knesset, which is accustomed to such high-profile visits, had added a new layer of security, and besides the speaker and other dignitaries, lawmakers did not have direct access to Pence. Ayman Odeh, leader of the Joint Arab List, said it was the party's democratic right to boycott the speech by the U.S. vice president. In a tweet, he said the party will not provide a "silent backdrop" to a man he called a "dangerous racist." Netanyahu called the boycott a disgrace. He and other gave Pence a standing ovation.

2018 GMC Sierra 2500HD

Apple Laptop News - Mon, 01/22/2018 - 16:05

After the gold rush.

Why the flu can kill a healthy person so quickly

Apple Laptop News - Mon, 01/22/2018 - 16:02

The flu epidemic is three times worse than it was last year, and every part of the continental U.S. is under siege. NBC News’ Anne Thompson sits down with a doctor to find out what’s made the flu so severe.

Judi Dench Was Up For 'Leading Roll' SAG Award, And Twitter Rolled With It

Apple Laptop News - Mon, 01/22/2018 - 16:02

A half-baked SAG Awards graphic on Sunday showed that Judi Dench of “Victoria & Abdul” was among the nominees for outstanding female actor in a “leading roll.”