MacBook Liquid Spill

Here's our expert advice on MacBook liquid spillages...

To lessen the risk and keep the cost to repair as low as possible it is critical to act quickly if a spillage takes place.

If an accident takes place regarding your MacBook or MacBook Air such as a spill from water, beer, wine, vodka, spirit, Coke, orange juice even rain water or indeed any other liquid you need to get your Mac dried out professionally to avoid damage to the internal and external electronic components.

Failure to stop power going through your machine increases the chance of permanent damage to parts such as the keyboard, trackpad, power button, LCD or LED screen, DVD drive (Superdrive), USB port, Firewire port, MagSafe port, Ethernet (Network) port, SD Card slot, Logic board or any other area of your Mac that could be affected by liquid.

  • Switch off power at the mains socket. Remove the AC adapter / MagSafe connector.
  • Place 3-5 sheets of kitchen roll towel or an equivalent highly absorbent paper over the keyboard, then close the display lid.
  • Turn the MacBook or MacBook Air upside down so the machine is resting on the Apple logo.
  • Store in a warm, dry area such as an airing cupboard for at least 48 hours, preferably 3-5 days.
  • Patience is key, you cannot rush the drying out process so don't be tempted to press the power button!

Call us on 07010 039 793 and we will arrange to take the machine in for a free inspection and can offer our professional 'dry clean' service which speeds up the process.
We have saved many MacBooks from being totally written off and can help you avoid high costs of replacing the logic board or other expensive components.

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